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Chorkie Puppy

So, just what type on Chorkie information will you find on our site? Along with basic breed facts, you can also read up about their temperament, health issues, training, lifespan, breeds and much more. We'll even be bringing you pictures of cute Chorkies sent into us from out visitors. Although our site is still fairly new, we hope to create a community-driven site where Chorkie owners and lovers can come to for advice, guidance and information, so be sure to frequently check back with us.

What Are Chorkies?

Chorkies are a mix between the Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier (AKA Yorkies). As you may already know, these are two of the most popular small dog breeds in the world, so you can expect Chorkies to be relatively small as well. The size of a Chorkie typically depends on the size of its parents, although most will range somewhere between 5 and 7 pounds.

Although no one knows who the first person was to cross breed a Chihuahua and Yorkie, the Chrokie began to pick up popularity during the early to mid 90s. At this time, there was a surge in popularity with Chihuahuas and all small dogs for that matter. This was partially a result of a series of Taco Bell commercials featuring a talking Chihuahua. Up until then, most people living in the U.S. had never even seen a Chihuahua, but once these cute and loving canines were placed on the television screen, families across the country were eager to own one. In turn, this also sparked interests for Chihuahua mix breeds, and thus the Chorkie craze began.

Chorkie Characteristics and Traits:

  • Small-framed body
  • Highly loving and affection, as they tend to prefer laying in their owners lap over playing with their toys
  • Sheds very little, making them perfect for families looking for an inside dog that isn't going to leave hair all over the place
  • Loyal to their owner and will do anything for their praise and attention
  • Full of energy and enjoy playing
  • Frail and susceptible to physical injury
  • Highly social and will easy bond with multiple people, as well as other family pets
  • Have a tendency to bark at noises, allowing them to make great watchdogs
  • Protective of their owner and will frequently stand their ground if they believe a nearby dog or wild animal poses a threat to you

Should I Get a Chorkie?

Chorkies are a unique dog breed who aren't for everyone. Unfortunately, many people seek to own them simply because they look cute. While there's no denying that Chorkies are cute and adorable, you must look at your ability to give them a safe and comfortable living environment. If you aren't able to do so, then you should pass on getting a Chorkie until you're ready to properly care for one.

A lot of people rush into the decision of owning a Chorkie without thinking about the costs of taking them to the veterinarian. Lets hope nothing happens to them, but if they fall victim to a serious illness or physical injury, you need to be financially prepared to take care of them. Of course you can always place these costs on a credit card, but you must have credit to do so.

The first thing you should consider is how safe your home and living environment is for a Chorkie. Remember, these dogs are small, and as such, they can easily become injured from larger dogs and even small children. This doesn't mean you have to necessarily write Chorkies off completely, but you do need to learn how to keep them safe with larger dogs and children. For instance, you'll want to keep your Chorkie in a separate room when you aren't able to closely supervise them around your other dogs until they are accustomed to one another.

If you have small children, you'll also need to teach them that a Chorkie is not a toy to tug or pull on. While you're holding your Chorkie, show your children the appropriate way to pet and touch them, which is slow and gentle without pulling or poking. Loud noises and fast movements may frighten a small Chorkie, so stress the importance of being slow and calm to your children.